Drive direct bookings with unique flexible model.

Learn how below features sets StayFlexi Direct Bookings apart from the competition:

Flexible nature of our booking engine

  • Insta setup

    Turn your hotel website into booking engine with in 2 minutes. Stayflexi instant setup booking engine kit allows you to accept bookings and payments instantly from your website.

  • Flexible bookings

    Flexible slot based bookings converts 40% more visitors to bookers.

  • OTA like UI, Rich in content

    Give that premium feel to your direct vistors and turn them to bookers.

  • Auto room allocations

    Automatic room allocations for bookings coming from booking engine. Follow up with customers for early checkins, late checkouts and upsell unsold rooms.

Special promotions, rate plans and others

  • Promotions

    Seasonal promotions as recommended by Stayflexi system or custom promotions for your guests.

  • Rate plans

    Customizable rate plans with pre-payment options bundling with other services.

  • Multi currency support

    Supports over 25+ local currencies. Contact us to know more.

  • Tripadvisor content reviews

    An option to place tripadvisor reviews on booking engine and insta book option on metasearches.