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Stayflexi distribution management is different from regular channel management:

Unique aspects of our distribution manager

  • Auto room allocations

    Automatic room allocation for bookings coming from all connected OTAs. Stayflexi's smart room allocator saves an average of 3hr receptionist time everyday.

  • Flexible inventory management

    Intelligent inventory management algorithm for blocking or unblocking inventory for flexbile bookings.

  • Single interface for all connected OTAs

    No need to switch back between separate channel manager and PMS. View and manage bookings from all connected channels in single place. Real time view on connected channels at room type and rate plan level.

  • Insta distribute and 2-way sync

    Price and inventory updates synced real time. Bookings are fetched with zero underselling or overselling issues.

  • Bulk updates

    Calendar based bulk editing of inventory and prices for multiple date ranges. Occupancy based price distribution.

  • Restrictions

    Easy open or close room types, rate plans on certain channels. Distribute custom prices or inventory to different channels.

Our partner channels

  • Preferred partnership

    Instant visibility on our partner channels.

  • Instant sync

    Both inventory and price updates are instant.

  • Global presence

    Connect to channels over 25+ countries.

  • Flexible extensions

    Accept early checkins and late checkouts on bookings from our preferred channels.

Our partner channel managers and meta searches

  • Connect to your favorite channel manager

    Bring your own channel manager to our platform.

  • Meta search

    Be visible directly on meta searches for instant bookings.

  • PMS integration

    Touchless integration with our PMS system.

  • Flexible bookings

    Start receiving flexible bookings, early checkins and late checkouts with these integrations.

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